Our Markets

Market Intelligence Group enables technology companies to penetrate new markets and strengthen sales efforts through market assessment and research, marketing planning as well as sales support solutions. Having worked with well-known companies in the software, hardware, telecom, semiconductor, and test and measurement sectors, our clients have included such companies as Microsoft, SAP, Peoplesoft, Dell, IBM, ASOMA Instruments, Novell, National Instruments, Osmic, Rigaku, Niton, Sciperio, PayMate, NCR and Vignette.

Our core markets and domain expertise include:

     - Analytical Instrumentation Vendors
     - Biotechnology CROs
     - Computer Hardware Manufacturers
     - Enterprise (ERP/CRM) Solution Providers
     - Hardware Manufacturers
     - Industrial Manufacturing Companies
     - Internet-based Application Providers
     - Process Control Providers
     - Semiconductor Manufacturers
     - Semi Manufacturing Equipment Manufacturers
     - Service Sector Businesses
     - Software & Software Services
     - Telecommunications Providers
     - Test & Measurement Equipment Manufacturers



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