Strategic Decision-Making
Begins with Market Intelligence

Whether you are currently focused on building market credibility or seizing new market opportunities, you need rigorously developed market intel. You need to know: Where are the right markets? Who are the right decision-makers? What needs to happen to drive growth and opportunity? Otherwise, you are liable to run very fast in the wrong direction.

Once you have market intelligence, you have the insights and analysis you need to strategize, plan and execute in a decisive fashion. You have the opportunity to engage prospective clients in a compelling conversation and demonstrate true thought leadership.

Market Intelligence Group enables business technology companies to penetrate new markets and drive revenue growth through market analysis, sales support and thought leadership marketing solutions. Having worked with companies such as Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Rigaku, Thermo Fisher, Ametek, Vignette and Dell, Market Intelligence Group has provided clear value to help companies build market credibility and generate new business. 

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